MAR: One of the first flags to fully introduce e-documents


Press release - The International Shipping Register of Madeira - MAR, one of the first ship registries to issue electronic documents for registration procedures including electronic seafarer endorsements, will from this week issue ship registration documents in digital format. 

The latest initiative follows the introduction of crew certificates in e-format during the summer of 2018. 

Jörg Molzahn, Managing Director of EUROPEAN MAR (EUROMAR), the ship registry's exclusive promotion and development agency is clear that the introduction of electronic certificates in all fields of the flag's responsibilities and ship registration is a major step forward in reducing the administrative burden. 

Sample e-certificate

“By adopting the simplified procedures, shipowners will save time and costs. Expensive courier services will no be required and the risk of losing important certificates when time counts will be eliminated,” he says. 

“We are looking forward to an extended electronic and digital ship registry environment in Portugal and appreciate the support of both the Regional Government of Madeira and the Portuguese National Government, and in particular, José Simão, Director General of the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM). 

“Further initiatives are in process to make the registry even more competitive. Fleet growth is on the way and digitalisation is a key element in supporting this growth through recognised quality services. It is important for us to develop our services and grow through quality. 

“Portugal is among the leading European flags and clearly, MAR is offering the best package for quality-minded owners. This is reflected in the hugely positive ‘RightShip’ rating of Portuguese- flagged vessels, which plays an important role in the business activities of our bulker clients. For all clients, this will lead to more profitability and reliability. 

“All this underscores the fact that the Portuguese flag is on the right track,” says Mr Molzahn. 

Vessel documents, like seafarer documents, will now be issued electronically. All flag state and ship registration requirements are documented by the issuance of the adequate certificates to the owner of a ship. E-Verification has to be done by the respective competent authority, for example during port state control, through the Portuguese flag verification website (, by entering the document’s unique tracking number (UTN) or scanning of the QR-Code. 

For details please see MAR Circular N°02 - Adoption of electronic certificates and documents