Window opens on reporting rules


Reporting formalities for merchant vessels are a huge administrative burden on their crews. So much so, that European shipowners have repeatedly asked the European Union to improve and simplify regulations to the existing Reporting Formalities for Ships Directive (RFD) which has not been able to meet their needs. 

However, last summer the European Commission published a clutch of transport proposals including a new draft for the so-called European Maritime Single Window Environment (EMSWe), an improvement to the existing directive. 

It is intended that the new draft should adapt itself to a more digitalised world. However, it does not yet contain a fully European approach; the new proposals do not include sensitive customs reports which should be made on national systems based on a European platform.

In addition, the proposals revealed there was no European but only a national report-once-only approach. 

We have recommended that these issues be analysed and evaluated fully, with the aim of EMSWe becoming much more efficient by the end of a six-year transition period. 

We hope and believe the reporting system can be made much easier to use by all participants.

Link to: EU Commission’s draft proposal and last report of MEP Deirdre Clune (rapporteur for EMSWe).