Electronic certificates for crews on MAR ships


Portugal is now issuing certificates of seafarers (endorsements) in electronic form, complying with and meeting the demands of international shipowners for administrative processes to be made easier for their vessels registered with MAR.

The system for achieving this has been constructed by Portuguese national authorities in conjunction with stakeholders including the European Shipowners' Association of Portugal (EISAP), which represents the vast majority of shipowners’ vessels registered in Madeira.


Portugal is also working to ensure that ship ownership records and mortgage registrations are simplified and can be made online. 

Watch this space for more good news regarding this initiative. We expect to be able to make an announcement shortly!

Each of these initiatives underscores how Portugal and Madeira are willing to invest decisively in the shipping and maritime industries. MAR is the centre of a cluster that also intends to add other activities directly or indirectly linked to industry.

(Please also see Circular N°52 under Downloads.)