Our office in Funchal




Carina Gouveia, Irene Pereira and Carla Olival are in charge of Euromar’s office in Funchal, the capital of the beautiful island of Madeira, a Portuguese autonomous region. Their main functions, working from their location on Funchal’s most central road, is to support ship registration and the Crewing Department in both Lisbon and in Hamburg. 


The Funchal office has the strategic advantage of allowing faster and easier connections with local authorities, the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBC), which includes MAR and its Technical Commission, and with the IBC’s private Commercial Registry. 


Carina Gouveia works in the Crewing Department, having been part of the Euromar team since it was established. Irene Pereira and Carla Olival are members of the Registration Department. 


Carina and Carla where born and grew up in Madeira though Carla has lived in Germany and studied in Singapore. Irene was born in and lived for some years in Venezuela, home to thousands of Portuguese citizens. 


If any words could define our office staff in Madeira we would have to choose competence and knowledge. And of course, good disposition, our general attitude to life. 


Madeira is renowned for its unique beauty, for Levada walks in the mountains, for the extraordinary clarity and transparency of the sea and its agreeably mild year-round temperatures. The people of Madeira are known for their willingness to welcome visitors to the island, particularly during the renowned New Year’s Eve celebrations and the Flower Festival. 


Madeira is also enjoying a growing reputation as a business destination on the Atlantic. The combined dynamism of the International Business Centre and of the International Shipping Register of Madeira is attracting more and more entrepreneurs and shipowners choosing to register their companies or their ships on the island. 


If you are planning a visit to the island, whether for leisure or for business, our office in Funchal is always open to friends and customers. Knock on our door. We always have coffee ready, to be savoured while looking at breathtaking views of the city, the mountains and the sea.


Please feel free to come and visit us and enjoy the experience.