Portugal backs EISAP on ballast water


Following a request made expressly by EISAP on behalf of the interests of international shipowners with vessels registered in Madeira, the Portuguese maritime administration issued Circular 43 authorizing the disharmonizing of the International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate on March 3 2017. 

In practice, the measure gives shipowners the opportunity to have ballast water treatment plants available and installed onboard when they become mandatory. Ballast water treatment plants are required by the terms of the Ballast Water Management Convention, which enters into force on September 8 2017.

Portugal backs EISAP on ballast water

EISAP views the decision of the Portuguese administration as particularly positive for its members. It reveals the attention Portugal is now paying to shipowners who choose to register their vessels in Madeira

Indeed, the dialogue established between the association representing the interests of international shipowners and the administration will undoubtedly contribute to transforming the Portuguese flag into one the most competitive European flags.

In Portugal, EISAP is continuing to make every effort to bring the most urgent concerns of its associates to the attention of the Portuguese authorities by establishing platforms for dialogue and direct lines of communication. We will continue to do this work.

EISAP’s entire strategy for the coming year will be unveiled at its first general meeting, which takes place from April 26 to 28 in Madeira.

A number of workshops will be held with the Technical Commission of the Shipping Register of Madeira (MAR) and the Madeira Development Society (SDM), concessionaire of the International Business Centre of Madeira, which includes the register.

A particular highlight of the event will be the cocktail reception hosted by the President of the government, Miguel Albuquerque, at the headquarters of the Regional Government of Madeira.