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Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH)

The Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH) - Portuguese for "Prince Henry Nautical School" - is a higher education school for maritime studies. Established in 1924, the campus of ENIDH was dedicated in honor of Prince Henry the Navigator in 1972.

The polytechnic school is located in Paco de Arcos, Oeiras, Portugal. Marine officers (deck and engineering officers) and other professionals for the management as well as logistics of the port and maritime industry are being trained.

ENIDH is offering bachelor (Portuguese: licenciatura) and master programs in:

  • Pilotage
  • Marine Machines Engineering
  • Marine Electronic Systems
  • Port Management.

ENIDH has modern facilities which include several classrooms, laboratories and simulators, but also an indoor swimming pool, a diving tank, a row tank and a gymnasium. Other facilities include a canteen for students, teachers and staff personnel and a residence hall for 100 students. ENIDH belongs to the Portuguese public higher education network and is under supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science. The College is certified by the Portuguese Maritime Administration and implemented in 2008 a certified quality management system.


Maritime training programs. The next generation of seafarers.ENIDH

The application of Bologna Declaration Principles to all courses is a clear indicator of ENIDH’s capacity to position itself as a European higher education institution. 

For the first cycle of studies (BSc – Bachelor of Science), the college offers the following courses (three years of studies – 180 ECTS credits):

  • Deck and Bridge Operations (operational level)
  • Marine Engineering - day and evening courses (operational level)
  • Marine Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Port Management
  • Management Transport and Logistics

After finishing the first level cycle of studies, deck and engine cadets and must undergo an onboard training period. 

Upon successful completion of the onboard training period, cadets are permitted to sit for the license examination given by the Portuguese Maritime Administration and thereafter, receive the correspondent certificate of competence (CoC) of officer in charge of the watch according STCW Convention, as amended. 

For the second cycle of studies (MSc – Master of Science), the collegeENIDH the following courses (two years of studies – 120 ECTS credits):

  • Deck and Bridge Operations (management level)
  • Marine Engineering (management level)
  • Marine Electronic Systems
  • Port Management

The MSc courses in Deck and Bridge Operations and Marine Engineering allow deck and engine officers to obtain certificates of competence for management levels after the successful completion of license examination conducted by the Portuguese Maritime Administration.

For the maritime community, the college offers - through the Maritime Course Centre (CEFE) - several specialized short courses leading to maritime certification, according with STCW’95 Convention as amended.



ENIDH & EUROMAR. Supporting Portugal’s maritime competence.

Supporting the Portuguese education program and creating a win-win situation for both sides, is the aim of the close dialogue between the ENIDH and EUROMAR. ENIDH

ENIDH appreciates the network of interested shipping companies that EUROMAR is providing towards young Portuguese seafarers,
while EUROMAR enjoys the maritime expertise and the support of the ENIDH in practical matters. 

EUROMAR creates the link between shipping companies as clients of MAR and students of the ENIDH purely to support the Portuguese maritime educational program and without taking any financial advantage for this support. The EUROMAR management considers this being an important part of their dedication to the project and to demonstrate the aim in the Portuguese maritime competence. 

Meanwhile several international shipping companies have expressed interest in employing Portuguese graduates of the ENIDH as nautical and technical officers on board of their Portuguese flagged merchant ships. 

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