Frequently Asked Questions - Crewing

There is a nationality requirement. Shipowners can apply for an exemption from this regulation.


In general there are no limitations with respect to the nationality of seafarers serving on Portuguese flaged vessels - as long as the Master/officers are in possession of CoC and GOC issued by countries as listed on the EU White List. Moreover it is important that the crew and especially the Master/officers are qualified in accordance with the STCW Code.

No, Portugal will only issue endorsements – based on the respective national STCW '95 conform licenses.

No. Just the Master, Nautical and Technical Officers will receive Portuguese endorsements. 

Portugal’s Minimum Safe Manning Certificate is based on the minimum requirements of the IMO Assembly Directive 1047 (27) - principles of safe manning. The shipping company is required to comply with this directive (in particular Annex 2, 3 and 5) to propose the number of the crew, which is then evaluated by the Administration through the Technical Commission of MAR. The required or proposed number of persons depends among others on the vessel's size, the type of the vessel and on the area of operations as well as other criteria such as system maintenance and Ship Security Plan (see Annex 2 of IMO Directive).

Yes, the submission of application documents by email will be accepted.