Flag State Letters, Permissions & Exemptions

Manning Exemptions (Temporary Minimum Safe Manning Certificate):

For Manning Exemptions, please send your inquiry describing the incident to maritime@eu-registry.com. Please add a current crew list and advise the arrangements where and when to complete the crew again to comply with the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate issued to the vessel. The Technical Commission (MAR) will revert after evaluation of the case.


Failure of navigational or radio equipment:

In case navigational or radio equipment fails in operation, please complete the form "malfunction equipment" and send it in word format to:

- technical.mar@madeira.gov.pt 
- copy to: maritime@eu-registry.com 

The administration will revert with a signed copy of the "malfunction equipment" form after evaluation of the case, which serves an acknowledgement.


Failure of safety equipment (or any other equipment with relation to a Statutory Certificate issued by an RO - other than navigational or radio equipment):

In case safety equipment fails in operation, please inform the Recognized Organization (RO) / class society. The RO is requested to assess the situation and eventually issue a conditional statutory certificate for a period of maximum 2 months. The RO must inform the Portuguese Maritime Administration of their action through RO’s liaison office in Lisbon.


Exemptions, waivers and equivalents (please see also Circular N°33):

Applications for exemptions, waivers and equivalents shall be made in writing through the Recognized Organisation (RO) / Class Society issuing the relevant statutory certificate.

Preferably the form "Application for exemptions, waivers and equivalents" (attached to Circular N°33) should be used for the application, which is self-explanatory and facilitates providing all the necessary data and information.

The RO / Class Society shall review the application and forward it to the Portuguese administration together with an assessment of the case through the RO’s liaison office in Lisbon.

In the assessment the RO / Class Society shall indicate their support or reservation to any aspect of the application, taking in consideration applicable regulations or guidelines, and, if relevant, any recommendations or conditions that should be considered.  


Exemptions of life raft, life jackets and mes service period:

In case when services of inflatable liferafts, inflatable life jackets and marine evacuation systems is impracticable to be conducted at intervals not exeeding 12 months, please complete the form "Life Raft DSAM-171(3).doc" (one form for each liferaft) which shall be signed by the Master of the vessel:

- marad@dgrm.mam.gov.pt and
- mar@gov-madeira.pt
- copy to: maritime@eu-registry.com  

The administration will revert with a signed copy of the "Life Raft DSAM-171(3).doc" after evaluation of the case, presumed justifiable reasons are given.


Outside of EUROMAR's core business hours, please also contact EUROMAR by phone (see emergency contact details).