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COVID-19 Guidelines for adoption of extraordinary measures (Seafarer’s Certification)

EUROPE - more than a job

Europe is more than a job for the people of EUROMAR. Working for the ideals the European Union was built for, is a matter at the heart of all the Dutch, German, Greek and of course the many Portuguese people (and hopefully soon further nations) working in this company. We grew up in a Europe with peace, democracy, the rule of law and individual freedom. We feel that an even stronger Europe is the biggest gift we can give to the next generation.

The spirit of Europe was beautifully expressed by Czech President Vaclav Havel in his speech in front of the EU parliament in Strasbourg on March 8th, 1994. >> read more


EUROMAR is assisting ship managers in all matters regarding MAR - The International Shipping Register of Madeira, based on Madeira / Portugal. It is a register of highest quality standards and developing an innovative online system to ensure an efficient monitoring of all vessels registered. Ships registered in MAR will fly the Portuguese ensign and operate with the homeport “Madeira“.

Why Portugal?

The Need for an EU-Flag

The EU has given incentives for European ship owners to fly the flags of EU member states. For a number of years, most EU member states applied the tonnage tax scheme that strengthened their competitiveness in the world. According to the Community Guidelines on State Aid to maritime transport (p. C13/7), ship owners benefit from the scheme if they have at least 60% of their tonnage under EU flags.

Why an EU flag?